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Fighting an Invisible Disease with Chandra Beckman

January 25, 2021 Greg Krino Season 1 Episode 21
The Greg Krino Show
Fighting an Invisible Disease with Chandra Beckman
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Show Notes

Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and fighter pilot in the F-15 and F-117, Chandra Beckman shares her fascinating and frustrating journey with Lyme disease. Facing a medical community that was not equipped to solve her health challenges, she suffered in intense pain and varying degrees of physical and cognitive dysfunction for almost a decade. After years of persistence within the walls of the military and conventional allopathic medical system, she took over as her own medical case worker. Through diligent research, and with the help of professionals in the integrative and functional health realms, she was able to uncover the many layers contributing to her health issues. Chandra now helps others navigate their health challenges through her business as a Certified Human Potential Coach. 

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